Doggy Day Care

No more worries about separation anxiety or backyard boredom, doggy daycare helps alleviate all these and more.

While you are hard at work or play our Pooch Smoochers will keep your dog busy both mentally and physically throughout the day.

Available Mondays to Thursdays only. Day care is not available over Easter and Christmas



1 Day visit

4 day pass

1 Dog



2nd or more dogs






Arrival for Doggy Daycare is strictly at 7am for the Early Birds or between  8-11am.

Departures are 3pm – 5.00pm 


T's and C's

  • All dogs must be fully vaccinated, wormed and Tick/Flea treated
  • All dogs must be desexed except for dogs under the age of 7 months
  • Dogs must be very well socialised and happy to be with other dogs.
  • Private Boarding Rooms must be  booked  for dogs who loves people but don’t like to mix  with other dogs, or that management  feel would not be suitable in group play .  We do not socialize any dog whose heritage is of the fighting breeds like Staffies, Bull Terriers, American and Australian Bulldogs or dogs crossed with these breeds – lovely people dogs, but just not good sharers.  
  • Strong breeds, for exsample, Rottweilers, Dobermans, Shepherds, Malamutes, Bullmastiffs, Cattle Dogs,  etc.  must be booked a private boarding room unless they are  regulars and we know they can share. This has nothing to do with your lovely, people friendly dog, it is just that some breeds are not suited to share in a kennel situation. 
  • We dont except dogs that bite or a danger do staff
  • All dogs must be healthy and free from any injury or illness
  • All dogs must be over 10 weeks of age and 2 weeks past their first puppy vaccination
  • 4  day pass need to be paid for in advance and are non-refundable,  a credit will be placed on your account to redeem on any of  our services.















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